Song of Solomon Bible Study Part 3: Join us as we dive into the greatest of Solomon’s Songs. We pick up this video in Chapter 2 verses 4-17. Join us as we go verse by verse through this often ignored book on relationships and marriage!

We just uploaded part 2 of our Song of Solomon Bible Study! You can watch by clicking on the link below. We hope that you are challenged and encouraged by this Bible study series! We encourage you to watch this video and then like it, share it, and go through it with your spouse and another couple as we try to more and make better disciples and marriages for Jesus Christ.

So many couples are struggling to connect in their marriages today. There are many who have given up and believe they are stuck. For others, it is too much work to try to change now. They are stuck. Well, we want to unstick your marriage! We want to take you from where you are to where God wants your marriage and relationships to be! So join us as we unpack the book of Song of Solomon. We will over the next 5 weeks take a verse by verse study on what this interesting book has to say about SEX, GOD, and LOVE. Join us as we find God’s will for your marriage!