We at Faith believe that to whom much is given, much more then is required of them. It is of all stewards to be found faithful.  Our desire is to take the gifts given to and for the church and reinvest those monies back into ministry! We have three different funds that you can give to. You may choose to give to one or all 3! We just want you to give as the Lord leads from your heart! This is another area in which Faith is making more and better disciples for and through Jesus Christ!

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#1 MY Offering (General Fund)

God has established in scripture that we as believers should regularly give, motivated by God’s love; to support “the work of the ministry” through the local church (Pr. 3:9; Acts 2; 2 Cor.8-9). God entrusts different amounts of time, talents, and treasure to each of us. We believe our giving is based on what God has entrusted to us, and blessed us with individually. The “tithe” was first established as 10% in the Old Testament, but now under grace, we are not limited to any set percentage… we can freely give as God has given to us.

#2 MY MISSION GIVING (Missions Fund)

The Apostle Paul commended believers for additionally giving toward his missionary work (2 Cor. 8-9). They did so because of their extreme joy and generosity, even in the midst of their severe poverty. Likewise, we too are called to give proportionately and sacrificially. Sacrificial giving goes even further than our initial love-based giving required by God, and offers an additional level of grace giving in light of the grace God has extended to us.

#3 Future of the Ministry (Building Fund)

Join us as we continue to update and upgrade our facilities, infrastructure, and capabilities as a church ministry. With the digital age we live in, we are constantly updating our building, and video capabilities. Should God move you to help grow these types of ministries considering giving a one-time gift or regular monthly giving to this account! You gift is tax deductible as well!